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Koltur, heimi í Húsi

The Island of Koltur

Koltur is one of the smallest inhabited island of the 18 islands that constitute the Faroe Islands. Koltur has two farms, Heima í Húsi and Norður í Gerði. The buildings are especially interesting as a national heritage, as they bear references to the Nordic architectural development. The building tradition is most pronounced in the different stone outhouses, where the stony walls carry the turf roof, and a very modest amount of wood has been used.

The infield is the cultivated area on Koltur. By the old grain cultivation methods, the area is divided into arable strips, that make the landscape appear as the teeth of a saw.

The outfield, which consists of all the uncultivated land, is divided into the upper and lower parts, separated by a stone fence. The lower outfield has been used for livestock grazing during the summer. When the cattle were put into the stables during the winter, sheep were grazing the area. The upper outfield is still to this day the sheep’s year-round habitat. The cemetery on Koltur is situated in the lower outfield, and is oriented almost as a compass, pointing east-west.


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