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Interlibrary Loans


  1. Interlibrary Loans are understood as lending- and copying services between libraries.
  2. The purpose of the Interlibrary Loans cooperation is to provide all libraries, on behalf of their users, with material they do not posess themselves.
  3. Interlibrary Loans can be shipped to all libraries, institutions and enterprises.
  4. Reservations can be made by e-mail, on-line, fax, telephone or by using standardised forms.
  5. The borrowing library should verify each request and post it to the library which seems to own it.
  6. The lending library decides method of dispatch, time-limit and other conditions. The borrowing library bears the responsibility of the material and the return of it as well as eventual economic compensation for lost items.
  7. Below we list material which the libraries are not obliged to deliver, although they can make their own decisions from case to case:
  8. Newspapers (Faroese newspapers on microfilm can be comissioned from Statsbiblioteket in Århus Denmark)
  9. Magazines (Photocopies from papers and magazines can be sent)

    • Bibliogarphies, enclyclopaedias etc. which are indispensable on the premises
    • Maps, pictures and small brochures
    • Large quantity of material
    • Valuable, rare or old and fragile material
    • Manuscripts and other material from special-collections
    • AV-material (Films, tapes etc.)

  10. If the borrowing library is a member of NORFRI or other international agreements these rules will be followed.
  11. In matters of dispute international IFLA rules will apply.