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Faroese National Heritage

Faroese National Heritage is the umbrella body and general administration for the National Library, National Archive, National History Museum, Natural History Museum, and Biofar.

National Library
The National Library’s main task is to carry out the extension of knowledge, expertise, and information in the country.

National Archive
The National Archive’s mission is to secure the safe-keeping of documents and records that are of historical significance or have administrative and judicial importance to the people and authorities.

National History Museum
The purpose of the National History Museum is to register, examine, and describe in situ antiquities. These include ruins, burial places, relics, buildings, and objects that are subject to conservation laws.

Natural History Museum
The purpose of the Natural History Museum is to research, document, and educate about the Faroese nature in past and future.

Biofar is a commercial organization at the marine biological department of the Natural History Museum.

Museum Exhibition
A permanent exhibition on Faroese cultural and natural history. It includes the finest, the most important and fundamental we have in common – geology, botany and zoology, archaeology, folk-life and history. Welcome.
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