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Viking Solar Eclipse Festival
Viking Solar Eclipse Festival

The festival takes place from 18-20th March at the Open Air Museum in Hoyvík near Tórshavn, Kúrdalsvegur, Hoyvík.

Opening hours 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday18th, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th

Entrance Fee
  • Adults: 100 DKK
  • Children: 50 DKK
  • Children (< 3): free of charge
  • 11 AM Viking holmgang
  • 12 AM Battle
  • 1 PM Saga tent
  • 2 PM Viking holmgang
  • 3 PM Saga tent
  • 4 PM Battle
  • Listen to music
  • Watch to woodcarver
  • Bronze and tin casting
  • Watch the smith in action
  • The rune maker is teaching runes
  • Native Faroese horses are present
  • Grinding flour and baking Viking bread
  • The priest is telling about Viking mythology
  • Listen to our storyteller telling traditional tales
  • Percussion fire-starting with a flint and an iron
  • Carding, spinning and braiding at the wool workshop
  • Authentic Viking handcraft will be available at the shops
  • Our Viking cook will prepare food for tasting at a reasonable price
  • Fight with weapons and shoot with bow and arrows at the warrior's training area
- All activities are not present at the same time and some cost a fair price to try out

Skøll & Sunna
Sunna/Sól (meaning sun) is always chased by the wolf, Skøll (treachery). Her brother Máni (moon) is chased by an equally hungry wolf called Hati (hater). During ragnarok (Armageddon) both wolves will swallow their prey. It is being said that sometimes one of the wolves succeeds in catching up and swallowing their prey. This results in solar or lunar eclipses. During this event people on earth will be horrified and will try to chase the wolf away. The wolf then spits out its catch. Our godi (Viking priest) will talk about what the Vikings believed the solar eclipse symbolized, and arrange a blot (ceremony) for Sunna.

Tróndur & Sigmundur
Tróndur í Gøtu and Sigmundur Brestisson are the main characters in the Faroese battle between paganism and Christianity. Sigmundur was sent not only to Christianize but also to put the Faroe Islands under the Norwegian king. The biggest resistance he met was from Tróndur. One day, Tróndur was dragged out of his home and given the choice of becoming a Christian or losing his life. He chose to live. Later on, Tróndur wanted revenge and went to kill Sigmundur. Sigmundur managed to escape and swam to another island. One of Tróndur's men was waiting on shore and Sigmundur was killed immediately. This story will be represented by a show-fight.